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tv   Rock Center With Brian Williams  NBC  May 3, 2013 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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angels extended spring training camp against the minor leagues threw 25 pitches on wednesday. those are the hitters he's faced. he had a bull pen session this past monday. there goes ethier. the pitch. bounced to belt. no play at second. almost like belt was stunned to find out ethier had been running. but ethier is into second. >> mike: he really thinks leave bag. he's got a great arm and he knows it. and he's thinking all the way, but some point you've got to make sure you can get back and get that out. schumacher has better than average speed. they so do indeed get the out but the dodgers get a runner in scoring position. >> carl crawford who along with adrian gonzalez been one of the dodgers best hitters so far their year will come up as a
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pinch hitter for clayton kershaw. crawford hitting .308, four homers, five doubles, a triple. .388 on base percentage. and crawford as has seen affeldt. affeldt of course, has had american league experience in his career. one time with the kansas city royals and carl crawford 2 for 6 lifetime against him. giants had a real hard time getting crawford out in that season opening series in l.a. that's in there for a strike. >> mike: stay on that inside corner. crawford likes to get extended.
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>> jon: hit a little bit better against lefties this year than against righties. .33 against left-handed pitching. just off the inside down around the knees for a one-ball, one-strike count. >> mike: he likes that ball away. and most lefties you face in the big leagues you're going to see breaking balls away. >> jon: ethier the possible go-ahead run at second with two down. stays in the infield. there's the throw. safe. and crawford a very fast runner, and he's supposed to be hurting a little bit. but he still beat that one out. a great play by joaquin har yas. >> a great play. just get to the ball, prevent it
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from going into center field. only the speed of crawford denies what would have been a spectacular play but the whole thing, it's fun to watch. kaufrd as you point out, way too much speed. got a sore hamstring. running pretty good with it. >> jon: it did not show there. casilla coming in to face hairston. we'll be back.
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>> jon: giants, 1, dodgers, be 1, and the dodgers with another threat as we come back to at&t park. the dodgers have runners at first and third with two down. santiago casilla in from the giants bull pen and he inherits a very tight spot. the possible go-ahead run is over there at third base. casilla will be facing jerry hairston as you see his numbers. he's been tough to hit. 14 innings, eight hits allowed. >> mike: the only blemish is the nine walks in 14 innings. but his stuff is good. when we first saw him, he was a two-pitch guy. curveball, slider and change-up. lots of different looks he could give it here. >> jon: the dodgers have had 17
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men reach base tonight. ten hits plus seven walks, but just the one run. bau one. >> mike: hairston has faced him four times, never has had a hit. so they know each other. >> mike: i don't know how long it takes for a hitter to know the pitcher. >> in there for a called strike. >> mike: thought it was a cutter. or a change-up or blackup slider. whatever it was, it stul stunned hairston. >> jon: ball and a strike. 1-1, eighth inning. dodgers as a team struggled in spots like this all night long.
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that ball is lost by a fan in the second deck. and it ends up downstairs. terrible. got to keep it in the deck. dodgers have had two hits in 12 at-ba at-bats. ethier at third, crawford at first. now, ordinarily you would be expect the him to take off at some point for a steal. he's got great speed but is he hampered a little bit although he did feed out that infield hit and sure lost some of that speed. of 1-2 to hairston. popped up. brandon belt. the inning is over.
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living on cloud nine with that u-verse wireless receiver. you see in my day, when my mom was repainting the house, you couldn't just set up a tv in the basement. i mean, come on! nope. we could only watch tv in the rooms that had a tv outlet. yeah if we wanted to watch tv someplace else, we'd have to go to my aunt sally's. have you ever sat on a plastic covered couch? [ kids cheering ] you're missing a good game over here. those kids wouldn't have lasted one day in our shoes. [ male announcer ] add a wireless receiver. call to get u-verse tv for just $19 a month with qualifying bundles. rethink possible. >> jon: from the shores of mccovey cove, the giants and dodgers, 1. time for our bmw drive brought to you by your bay area bmw centers. scutaro at third, two down.
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posey batted. >> the way you have get kir shaw is you go the other way. buster ties it up. that was the only run they got off of kershaw but it was enough to keep this game tied. kershaw and barry zito both now out of the game but not pitchers of record. it's a i -- >> nick noonan is going to lead off against the new dodger picture, kenley jackson. you ehis numbers. as usual more than a strikeout per inning. what's not as usual is usually he's way more than a strikeout per inning. >> mike: he's not throwing as hard as he was. when we first saw him, he was 95, 98. just incredible stuff. then he came over with the
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cutter. it's a cutter. low 90s with the cut. for the most part, you're going to see cutters. >> last year in 65 innings, had he 99 strikeouts. and he also in '65 innings allowed 33 hits. the rookie nick noonan leads off. strike one. noonan over all hitting .310 as a rookie. ten hits for 29 at-bats. sounded like he broke his bat on that one. he's thrown out by punto. >>. >> jon: that's what he thing they can do. >> jon: it's such a high velocity -- that ball is going to come at you.
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it's going to be about four to five inches max but it's going to be flat and wear in. you're going to get out there thinking you're going to hit it on the sweet spot of the bat again towards the labor and there goes your bat. most guys throw their cutters. this guy is throwing it in the little 90s. that's special he is. >> i hope pagan comes up now. the giant have sergio romo getting ready for the ninth. there's a bunch. cruz nice play. very smooth. >> mike: the like the effort though. i think that's something i'd like to he'll more of what these people do. >> one of the better guys, he's behind the bag. pag gan is will.
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let's not take away our jis defensive play those three. >> marco scutaro will hit a triple into the back gap. 0-1. giants only have three hits and got all three of them in that sixth inning within a span of four-hitters. scutaro tripled with one after posey doubted at home and penn singled. and jugged. and lost. by cruz and scutaro rounded the bag at first because nobody was at second. and the first turn around and came back towards. he and scutaro held on into tried to take the short hop up. and it comes back on him.
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a good pair of hands to get handcuffs. unit and here come the big fellows. >> they're going to score that an error. i really don't understand why that's an error and the one earlier when a. j. ellis, he said i don't get it. a base runner one way or the other. 0 for 3. now facing ken will i jackson. scutaro back to the bag. pablo is 0 for 44 lifetime against kenley jackson.
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pablo who tuesday night hit the big ninth inning home run that brought the giants from behind into the lead in arizona. slashed foul. nuds of third and down the left field line. >> mike: the ball page down in the third base line tonight, he's gogging to feel like somebody's trying to hurt other. what if that ball's whistling by her all day long? >> just the day brawl at what 122 miles an hour. just your average big league average game bowl. posey on tech hoping to write. up that cutter right over the part of the plate but fouled back into the crowd. >> one thing that's nice about being a strong hitter, you can break your bat and still get it over the heads of the ufders.
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he's got that kind of string. >> jon: dodger outfield with earth earlier trying to fwlook big gate in right center. everybody backed up. the lefty will do two, and schumacher playing way off the -- hairston the an first base with adrian gonzalez not able to play tonight. scutaro the runner at first. giants and dodgers in a 1-1 tie. and that got into the second deck in a hurry. >> mike: t.j. ellis might not catch the ball. probably almost hit it right off his glove. >> we are over in theout field. these oh do not need a catcher. tan da is going to be lacking, no matter what.
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that might be the message that a.j. ellis is going to come out here. thrown the throw it close. but we've seen the pan dan hit balls an inch off the ground and seen him hit balls out the ballpark. it isn't a picture you can't get to us. you can throw a rupp hopper up there, maybe you can hit it. struck him out. and he reached back and i don't think that was the cutter. had a little extra on that fastball and blew it buy him. now to the ninth inning, kent due up second. it looks like the 2016 super bowl will be played here in the bay area. we'll explain what still feeds to happen to seal the deal.
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>> jon: 1-1 the score. dodgers and giants heading into the ninth inninging from at&t park. they just showed a couple of highitis from the stanley cup playoff game, game two in the western conference quarter finallies. the san jose sharks and vancouver canucks. the sharks won 3-2 and showed the winning goal and they lead that series, two games to one.
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a big oh wags broke out here at atat park. >> congratulations shark as. you're a sports fan, right in the area is a place to be. this week has not been a bad week if you're a bay area sports fan. >> right now it's up to sergio romo. >> there could be no save for a home now that the game is tied up to you eight. so romo can cas woxing in for the ninth inning one way or the other. there's still time. it's 0-1. punte has been on base three straight times. he walked in the seventh. his sing the in the fifth knocked in the dodgers only run. punto's the only one who got one of them home. it was kershaw. off the ice. >> wrapped it up to the outside
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corner. er. >> is anybody in the game today with the command of a slider. >> jon: two-seem fastball coming back to the plate but just misses. 2-1. >> mike: you just didn't get it. so tony romo found out what of else. 2-2. >> jon: one run, ten hits, one
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error for the dodgers. one run three hits with five runners stranded for the giants. ninth inning, 2-2. backdoor, strike three called. punto's livid. joe west has picked the mascot and said, take a hike. one of the rare corner calls we've seen all night. just haven't seen many breaking balls that have been called a strike. and here, or the few times a breaking ball has been called in the favor of a -- easily vid. i don't blake him. >> the dodgers cannot afford to get they of these -- >> no, you can't into one out, nobody on. that's a strike.
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kemp four hits and 18 careers at-bats against sergio romo. the giants trying topect against any possible double and pablo sandoval, the third bhans is deep and right on the foul line. you'll see. now, they're lined up. way off the line. kemp tonight has dplied out, struck out, gruened into a double play and singled. romo's already into his stretch. and joe west goes out and tells him to knock it off. >> mike: they've got a little game going on. joe west, he's not had the greatest night but he will control a game. >> jon: already in the stretch.
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>> well? >> now back to lie at you. 0-2. >> mike: a perfect slider. >> jon: sergio eeped to shrug that off pretty easily. go right back. game face all through the count. got a piece of it. stays alive. foul ball. 0-2. dodgers have two right-handers up from their bull pen, belisario, and the closer, brandon league. it would seem that league is getting ready just in case they go ahead. ninth inning. 1-1. dodger slugger matt kemp. 0-2 the count.
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>> jon: off the outside. 1-2 the count. >> if he thinks you're going to play, d, he will -- moi the beat l.a. chant goes up at at&t court. 1-2. >> i think you try to go backdoor. but that was a little dangerous going through the decorations. hit only one home run so far this year. still very dangerous. and that over but low the
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slider. 2-2. justin sellers the clean-up man. in the absence of hanley ramirez who left the game with some ham training trouble in the sixth inning. one out. 2-2 the count. inside and not this time. yoi brian had a slider. that is one of his really good weapons. which way do you think you guys are leaning? he did not miss by much. >> jon: full count. fastball. popped him up and out of play off the first base side.
10:27 pm
that's two-seem movement came right up into the hands. surprised kim. >> jon: this will be the ninth pitch of this battle between romo and kemp. 3-2 the count. along the right-field line. that's a base hit. back with another fastball. nicely picked up by hunter pence and hurried back. merely a single for kemp. >> mike: i think he made protection when he was swinging. you know a lig slugger like him is thinking 1-1 when you're in the ninth inning. in the end, he takes a swingout. goes the opposite way. and that's pretty impressive at-bat. nice work here by hunter pence
10:28 pm
to keep it to a single. having said that, you've got to do a good job on holding kemp to you. >> jon: justin sellers comes up. kemp has four steals. tied for the club lead in that category. 0-1. this is the first time sellers has ever faced romo in a big league game. javier lopez starting to warm up. then the right-handed hitting andres ethier. so if we get that far, the giants want ethier to face lopez. one out, one on. taken this time by sellers. >> mike: kent's going to steal, he's going to have to do it off a great job because he's not going to get any help from romo.
10:29 pm
>> mike: he's already been up once. shouldn't take him too long. >> jon: ball and a strike to sellers. fastball. pulled it off the corner. 2-1. romo starts bobbing the head a little bit when he's in the stretch with a base stealer on board. ala the old days with the lakers, elgin baylor back in the '60s. >> mike: there was a wealth of knowledge between those ears. >> jon: 2-1 the count. you actually could tip your hand if you were a pitcher. a lot of guys will drop their chin if they're going home. and that's sort of a tell which
10:30 pm
allows the base runners see him. so you have to be careful about not doing that. >> jon: elgin baylor head weave. fouled out of play. but all those things are important. i mean, i don't know if you have to think changing the rhythm subset, subset hold for two seconds, subset hold for our or five, you have to mix it up. you can't let a good base stealer get you time. if you give one head look, give three. all those things. vary your head movement, your timing. >> jon: 2-2 the count to sellers. struck him out.
10:31 pm
>> mike: bread and butter. you watch it from behind it doesn't tell you how good the pitch is. you're going that's a hanger. when you're in the batter's box you do not see the normal eye of the slider. no doubt a slider that has break that is quick, a is he difficult pitch to work. >> jon: a.j. ellis now. after that strikeout, matt kemp started talking to first base coach davy lopes. this is ball one. >> mike: watch the break on this. always seems to miss false out of the strike zone away.
10:32 pm
>> jon: after that strikeout, matt kemp kind of signaled to davy lopes and they spoke a little bit. davy lopes keeps the times on, what do you call it, unload time on the pitcher. that slider in there for a strike. it's 1-1. >> mike: average is 1.25 seconds. that's when a er comes set. when he starts his motion, that's when you hit the stopwatch and when hits the catcher's glob, you turn it off. so -- 1-1-2, he's been very good. >> jon: popped up. arias. the side is retired. posey, pence, arias. the giants due ups last of the ninth.
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trevor, have you eaten today? you sound a little grumpy. [ laughter ] [ male announcer ] connect all your wi-fi-enabled devices with u-verse high speed internet. rethink possible. or where you're going, southwest airlines takes you there... for less. big sales that help you get away. that's how we fly. act fast to grab flights for as low as $59 one-way to select nonstop destinations. hurry and book now online only at we are southwest. welcome aboard. >> jon: now to the last of the ninth. and the giants and dodgers still all tied up as ronald belisario, big strong hard-throwing
10:35 pm
right-hander comes in from the l.a. bull pen with posey, pence and arias due up for the giants. giants still have a couple of left-handed pinch-hit possibilities on the bench if bruce bochy wanted to use it for arias. we'll see. >> mike: you saw the numbers for belisario. what it doesn't tell you is he's got mid to my 90 sync. very difficult difficult to hit out of the ballpark. you can see the movement. >> jon: 94 miles an hour. all kinds of movement running in on posey. >> mike: he has not given up a home run this career. >> jon: pulled foul right past tim flannery, one ball, one strike. posey has been walked
10:36 pm
intentionally and hit a long double to center which knocked in the giants run back in the sixth inning. he's had i the paul well a couple of times tonight. one ball, one strike the count. just a bit outside. >> mike: just a bit outside, but you know, if you're in the batter's box and a guy who's got this kind of stuff does that, it does a few wonders for your confidence. because if it hits you, you'd stay hit for a while. >> jon: 2-1 the count. again. foul ball. third base side. 2-2 the count. be belisario has the big old goggles. he would probably be the perfect
10:37 pm
guy to come in and do his armup stretches. things like that. 2-2. >> mike: not a problem. full control. right where it's going. >> jon: 3-2 the count. but he is a huge figure on the mound. the ball is always darting, sinking, running. sometimes it doesn't foe where it's going. deep to left field! that one is on its way and good night. we'll see you tomorrow. buster posey ends it! on a 3-2 pitch. a line drive home run, a walkoff for the giants as they beat l.a.
10:38 pm
3-2. he has to challenge. he hasn't given up a home run all year. and posey stays inside it. and rides it right out of here. home run number four. and he knew it right off the get-go. and you talk about lighting a candle, this place just went up. it had to happen this way on metallica night. >> jon: and let the celebration begin. buster posey, and he was swinging the bat well and squaring up the bat every time he went up there all night long. >> mike: for him to stay inside
10:39 pm
that swinging the bat, that area, that location remarkable. >> that was the fifth home run this year. in the ninth inning or later by the giants, that either tied the game or put them ahead. five times. in the first 29 games. for more on tonight's game, tune into "sportsnet central" on comcast sports net right after this broadcast. tune in to comcast sports net bay area tomorrow at 5:30 for "giants pregame live" before game two of the series. now for mike kruk co, have jon miller. we hope you enjoyed the telecast. the giants beat the dodgers-1. romo the winner, belisario the loser. posey with the walkoff. good night from san francisco.
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a food service worker may have exposed diners to typhoid fever. the health department is stepping in. what do we know? >> reporter: we're learning the nordstrom cafe has a lot of regulars and news that they may
10:45 pm
have been exposed to typhoid fever is generating a lot of concern. the department of public health issued an alert today. on wednesday it learned a food line worker at the cafe was diagnosed with typhoid fever and was at work preparing food during the last two weeks of april. typhoid is spread when someone who has the infection touches food. so people who ate at the nordstrom cafe are at risk. mercy high school is across the street. students say it is a favorite dining spot and the alert is shocking. >> they should take precaution. could it affect so many people. so many people eat here. not only mercy students but people from all over san francisco come to the mall. >> the public health department says anyone who ate there on april 16th, 17th and 18th as well as the 20 think and 27th are at risk. if they have flu-like symptoms, they should go to the doctor. symptoms usually appear in eight to 14 days. it can be deadly if left
10:46 pm
untreated. nordstrom's right now is going through credit card receipts hoping to find phone numbers and then are contact the people attached to those phone numbers and let them know about this health risk. reporting live in san francisco, nbc bay area news. >> thank you. and typhoid is highly contagious. largely considered a major problem only in developing countries. it took its toll in early american history. body louis helped kill nearly 30,000 union soldiers. in 1884, it also killed leland stanford jr., prompting his parents to begin stafford university. tense moments in san francisco's usually quiet valley. police evacuating an apartment building, calling in the bomb squad when a man told officers he had a bomb. officers with the psych units had been looking for this man. things escalated when neighbors called to say he had returned to
10:47 pm
his apartment building on cesar chavez them started making threats so they shut down the streets. police didn't find any explosives. neighbors say this is the first time he's made wild threats. >> it is a little bit terrifying thinking that you live next to somebody who could have a bomb in their apartment. >> police stay man will remain in custody on a psychiatric hold while they figure out if any charges he should face. a political mess in florida might mean a super bowl for the bay area. it won't be official until may 21st. a decision by florida lawmakers tonight put santa clara in the driver's seat to host the 2016 super bowl. two sites as you might know were still in the running as of this morning. the 49ers' new state-of-the-art stadium in santa clara and the miami dolphins' sun life stadium. however the florida legislature refused to take up a bill to fund publicly the renovation of that miami stadium.
10:48 pm
the nfl had warned miami it would need those renovations to host the 50th super bowl meaning santa clara essentially wins by default. but once again, this is not official. santa clara's mayor said he is not ready to start celebrating just yet. >> it has been a wonderful time for the entire reasoning together. i am real excited. i think regardless of what our competition does, we'll show ourselves very, very well. we've always been competitive and it has been exciting to have all the cities here in harmony, not only a stadium but a super bowl. >> cautiously optimistic, super bowl l would bring in hundreds of millions in potential revenue not to mention the press teeng with hosting one of the biggest events in american history. also, it will come only when the owners vote on may 21st. the last time the super bowl was played in the bay area was 1985 at stafford stadium when the 49ers beat the dolphins. it is going to be a party.
10:49 pm
will cinco de mayo stay safe? large crowds expected this weekend. while the city does historically attract a rowdy and unruly element, police are vowing to make it family friendly. >> reporter: the street vendors are virtually over corner of east san jose. even the regulars are gearing up for a big weekend. quite a bit, says caramelo gonzalez. and downtown, he is making twice the number of deliveries to bars loading up for the crowds. >> extremely busy, especially here downtown. expecting a big crowd. >> normally we begin at 7:00. we get here at 5:00. our staff is doubled. so we just recently hired seven new employees for this week. >> reporter: with all that partying, police are getting ready in case things get out of control. >> we've got our metro unit.
10:50 pm
our gang investigations unit. we know a lot of them will be out there showing their gang signs. >> reporter: probation and parole officers will be hitting the streets and sources tell me, agents spent the last two days performing gang sweeps across the city, sending a message to the gang members. >> our obligation to make sure we have enough resources on hand no matter what occurs no, matter what type of incident it is, officers are there. >> reporter: the department says it wants people to have fun over the next three days and hopes they do it safely or they might spend the weekend in jay. nbc bay area news. an active weekend coming up across the area. coming up at 11:00, troubling new details about a union city school teacher accused of molesting children.
10:51 pm
10:52 pm
welcome back to a special
10:53 pm
early edition of nbc bay area news. tonight he saw a movie with his friends. "iron man 3." the 12-year-old who was injured in the boston bombings is getting his life back to normal. we heard from aaron hearn. tonight we hear from his parents. >> he's a pretty tough kid. i mean, if anybody could handle something like this, he has the right kind of make-up to do it. >> reporter: aaron hearn's parents say their son's condition is improving by leap and bounds themselves released these photos of the boy celebrating his birthday at home just a couple of weeks after getting badly injured in the boston marathon bomb ÷qblast. >> a couple days ago we had the staples removed. he had 86 staples removed from him. >> reporter: his parents spoke at length for the first time about the ordeal their families endured. his father recalling his son's wounds when he first reached his side. >> the one that was the most prominent to me was the one in
10:54 pm
his upper leg. it looked pretty scary. like something you would see out of a movie. >> reporter: his mom katherine had the finish line in sight when the bombs went off. >> i knew that's where my family was. so i had to keep going. toward the finish line. i couldn't get to them. the scene was chaos. >> reporter: finished with one marathon, she began a new race to find her son. it took two hours to locate him at the hospital. >> ifs actually almost afraid to see what i was going to find, what i didn't want to find. >> reporter: but the family is back in martinez now. in fact, aaron was a guest of honor at last night's warriors game. his family is grateful to be home and to still have their son. >> as bad as it was, we were the fortunate ones. >> reporter: aaron's dad picked up a couple of his buddies tonight. we understand they plan to go to the movies to see "iron man 3." he is definitely getting back to
10:55 pm
his old routine. we're will he plan to return to school next week. in martinez, nbc bay area news. effective immediately, the dafrl homeland security is ordering customs officials to verify that every student in the u.s. has a veiled visa. that move in response to the information that the brother reentered the u.s. with an invalid visa. a he reentered the u.s. in january with a visa that was no longer valid. he had stopped taking classes at the university of massachusetts dartmouth. he is among three classmates arrested this week for throwing away evidence they took from dzhokhar tsarnaev's apartment. meanwhile the widow of the other tsarnaev is in the clear for now. female dna found on a fragment of the bomb does not belong to katherine russell. however, she is still under scrutiny. investigators found that bomb
10:56 pm
residue was found in the home that she shared with tamerlan and their young daughter. a death certificate said he died from gunshot wounds from police and blunt trauma. president obama is in costa rica this evening. the second stop of his three-day visit south of the border. he mess with the first woman president and other central american leaders. earlier today he wrapped up his visit to mexico with a speech to students in mexico city. he assured them he is, quote, absolutely convinced that congress will pass new immigration laws this year. the president's visit was also about strengthening mexico's economy which mr. obama says is linked with the immigration issue, indicating a strong mexico is good for both nations. the monthly jobs report offered promising news. a big surge in u.s. hiring. the dow responded positively, crossing 15,000 for the first time ever. the government says the u.s. employers aed 165,000 jobs in
10:57 pm
april. more than economists were expecting. the dow closed today just sly of that 15,000 mark. think of it as a genius bar but it is at a public line raefrl beginning there monday you'll be able to road test all kinds of ereaders at a south bay library. scott budman has the story you'll see only on nbc bay area. >> reporter: yes, libraries are still filled with paper books but especially around here, they're also full of tech savvy people and with that in mind, the cupertino library will roll out what it calls the tech tool bar. a smorgasbord of ereaders. because the library was getting so many questions about them. >> this tech tool bar was partly to train and use volunteers here who are more tech savvy and are happy to take that time to explain to someone, this is a feature of the kindle.
10:58 pm
this is a feature of the nook. >> we have three music that you can download and keep. audio books. we're really trying to get the word out about all this free stuff we have-on just ebooks. >> reporter: the library calls it a genius bar on wheels. fitting in the shadow of apple's headquarters, boosted by a $30,000 foundation grant, it will be staffed four days a week to help you find what you want online. >> we have so many digital assets available here at the cupertino library in particular. that we realize that it is important to get everybody educated and comfortable with the devices. >> reporter: think of it as technology you can check out. >> the library admits it still has many more copies of physical books for to you check out. they know that has to change soon. demands for these ebooks is growing at a much faster pace. pnews. if you're just tuning in,
10:59 pm
thank you for joining us and watching an extended edition of bay area news. here's what's coming up. we're learning more about accusations made against the union city elementary school teacher accused of child molestation. >> also a warning for anyone who eats at a san francisco cafe. you may have been exposed to typhoid fever. but first -- >> san jose fire crews keeping an eye out for hot spots late into the night after a grass fire burned several acres this evening. and it is out of here! a huge walk-off win for the giants. good evening. we spent all night keeping a very close eye on developing news out of san jose. right now fire crews are still on the scene hunting for hot spots near the east ridge mall after a fire broke out. an in the middle of a busy part of town. let bring in george kiriyama with the very latest.
11:00 pm
>> reporter: that's right. firefighters are in a mop-up phase. they have a truck in this field behind me. the fire is out save for a couple of hot spots here and there. the fire quickly spread through the feel of tall weeds and brush near the east ridge mall. >> this is the biggest grass fire i've seen. >> reporter: ovher home is down the street. >> it pretty scary. i little raven close by. >> reporter: firefighters could be seen going toe to toe with the flames. they had choppers dropping water in the flame below. >> it came kind of close to some of the structures on the east side of the open field and also on the west. >> reporter: the fire was kept to 30 acres. the firefighters are concerned about all the dry brush. >> there is a


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